Voluntary Return

Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration

What is Voluntary Return?

Voluntary return means that a person who has withdrawn an application for asylum or has received a negative asylum decision can return back to the home country or to another country where they have residence permit.

When a person returns voluntarily, financial assistance or in-kind support can be granted as a part of the assisted return and reintegration programme.

The purpose of this site is to raise awareness of voluntary return and its related services. The website is maintained by the Finnish Immigration Service.

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Assisted Voluntary Return:
year 2019 in numbers

390 Returnees to
114Other countries

Published 06.11.2019

Successful migrant returns call for wide-scale cooperation

Returning to the country of origin can prove to be challenging. It is a process of adaptation on the part of both returnees and the communities and countries of origin in which they settle. The article Balancing acts – Policy frameworks for migrant return and reintegration by American researchers Kathleen Newland and Brian Salant point…

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Returnees' stories

Abu Sabaa's journey back to Iraq

Abu Sabaa came to finland three years ago before deciding to return to Iraq. When we met with Abu Sabaa in Finland, he was convinced that there is no logic in waiting any more. Instead Abu Sabaa wanted to go back to see his family and children. Abu Sabaa wass hopeful that the change in Iraq would bring about more stability and peace, and applied for voluntary return.People who return voluntarily travel like any other passenger and are not accompanied by Police. Instead they are assisted by IOM employees at different stages of their return trip. Returnees are assisted during travel and through transit and at the airport of the return country. Returnees are also assisted when it comes to transportation to their destination governorate or city.Abu Sabaa intended to start a project once he arrives to Iraq. He chose in-kind support after consultation with the return coordinator and the representative of the European Technology and Training Centre or ETTC.Returnees who chose in-kind support receive continuing consultation in setting up their business, continuing their studies, or getting back to the job market. ETTC assists with the implementation of in-kind assistance for Iraq-bound returnees from all over Europe.The Finnish State through the Finnish Immigration Service aims to cushion the person's return through the reintegration assistance. This is valuable for both the returnee and the receiving community.We met with Abu Sabaa in Baghdad as well to see how his return went. Watch the video and get to know his story.Read more: voluntaryreturn.fi/en | migri.fi/returnSend us an email: info(at)voluntaryreturn.fiFacebook: fb.com/VoluntaryReturn | fb.com/VapaaehtoinenPaluu | fb.com/AudaTauiaYoutube: voluntaryreturn.fi/youtubeTwitter: twitter.com/VoluntaryReturnInstagram: instagram.com/VoluntaryReturnMusic from Bensound.com and Purple Planet Music

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