Additional support in Iraq

Additional support in Iraq

Migration Resource Centre – MRC

The MRC can provide support for reintegration, including vocational training, work placements, financial assistance, psychological support, family counselling, etc. Through the MRC, you can also apply for small loans from the MoLSA.

The MRC provides support to returnees in partnership with the Iraqi Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA). The MRC office is located in the MoLSA premises in Baghdad, and a new office will also open in Erbil.

You can easily contact the MRC after your return to Iraq by phone via the free hotline (800 50 555). For more information about the MRC and the support services available through them, please visit Home – MRC Iraq. MRC also provides training and information on Facebook مركز‎ ‏موارد‎ ‏العمل‎ ‏وهجرة‎ ‏العمال | Facebook and on YouTube MRC Iraq مركز‎ ‏موارد‎ ‏العمل‎ ‏وهجرة‎ ‏العمال – YouTube.

Further support

The Station

If you are interested in setting up a start-up business‑after returning to Iraq, The Station could be the right place for you to seek advice and further information. Among other things, The Station offers guidance for start-up ‑companies and networking opportunities. You can also rent space from The Station to work in their co-working space.

The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship is an Iraqi non-profit, independent, non-governmental organisation whose mission is to empower Iraqi youth and support economic development. Since its launch in 2018, The Station has played a key role in supporting thousands of young Iraqis to master new skills, find job opportunities, and start and grow businesses.

The Station operates in Baghdad, Erbil and Mosul.

For more information about The Station, please visit: TheStation – Home (, المحطة – The Station | Facebook