Help and assistance after your return

Plan for the use of in-kind support

When you arrive in your country of return, contact your service provider; You received the contact details of your service provider in your country of return from the IOM before you left.

Agree on a time and place to meet with your service provider. At the meeting, you will discuss in detail your plan and how you want to use your assistance. You can take your time and consider your options.

You can start implementing your plan once it has been approved by either the Finnish immigration Service or IOM in Finland. Your provider will support you in implementing your plan.

Country-specific information

Want to find out more about what happens on your returning in Iraq and Somalia and after your return? You can read articles on the subject below.

  • Additional support in Iraq

    The MRC can provide support for reintegration, including vocational training, work placements, financial assistance, psychological support, family counselling, etc. Through the MRC, you can also apply for small loans from the MoLSA.