Help and assistance for voluntary return

The decision is made together

The cash assistance for voluntary return is between EUR 200 and EUR 1,500, and in-kind support between EUR 3,000 and EUR 5,000, depending on the home country. You can choose yourself if you want the assistance paid in cash or in kind.

Cash assistance

If you choose cash assistance, you are paid between EUR 200 and 1,500 for yourself and between EUR 100 and 750 for each child under 18 who returns home with you.

You can also apply for increased cash assistance for health reasons, for example. The increased assistance is paid on a case-by-case basis taking your entire situation into account.

In-kind support

In-kind support is support that is not paid in cash. In-kind support for starting your own business, finding a place to live, studying and use healthcare services.

Many applicants choose in-kind support instead of cash assistance. In your situation, it may offer better value. If you are thinking about choosing in-kind support, think about your opportunities in your home country. The following things are worth considering:

  • What kind of situation will you be returning to?
  • What did you do in your home country before you left?
  • What will you need after you have returned to your home country?
  • How can you make the best possible use of the support you get?

We will advise you on how to use the support and the practical arrangements related to the support. In-kind support will be provided to you in your home country by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), with whom you will be cooperating.

The authorities in your home country are not involved in arranging the in-kind support.

Examples of using in-kind support

In-kind support is flexible and will be decided for each applicant separately. Watch the videos with Hasan, Fadumo and Farah talking about their experiences after returning home.

How to receive the support

The amount of assistance and support depends on the form of support and the country you return to. The maximum amounts paid for each country are laid down in Finnish law and cannot be exceeded.

The assistance and support are arranged by the Finnish Immigration Service and IOM on behalf of the Government of Finland. IOM is the migration organisation of the UN. Other governments are not involved in the decision or organising the support.

If you meet the criteria for support, you will get it. The decision on your support is made in Finland according to Finnish law. People who return to their home countries from a country other than Finland are subject to the laws of the country they are staying in.

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