Help and assistance for voluntary return

Sustainable Reintegration in Iraq (SRI) project implemented by the Finnish Immigration Service and the European Return and Reintegration Network.

Going back home?

Our training sessions are here to help you secure a good start for your new life in Iraq. You will:

  • Receive clear information that will allow you to make informed choices about your future;
  • Receive additional support and guidance for your reintegration process;
  • Get new skills necessary to set up a project or business, or options to secure a stable, long-term job.

The training consists of two parts:

  1. an online course before return, and
  2. small group training in Baghdad after return
European return and reintegration network
This project is co-financed by the European Fund for Asylum, Migration and Integration of the European Union "Migration in movement (Migratie in beweign)".

Contact us

Courses are scheduled to start on 1 October and last until mid-December.

For more information, call or text the SRI project’s WhatsApp (in Arabic, English and Finnish).

050 358 0195