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You can get help and financial assistance

Are you staying in Finland without a residence permit? Are you thinking about returning home?

The Finnish Immigration Service and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) help persons who return to their home country voluntarily. You can get help with, for example, making travel arrangements and with getting travel tickets and documents. You can also get support for reintegration.

STEP 1: Contact us

The Finnish Immigration Service gives you advice and assists you in applying for assisted voluntary return.

Kuvakepalkki - info, ihmishahmo, dokumentit

Choose how to contact us:

Kuvake – puhelinby phone or by sending a WhatsApp message: +358 50 413 8625

Kuvake - tietokoneby email:

STEP 2: Processing

The Finnish Immigration Service processes your application. Your individual situation as a whole will be taken into account when the decision is made, including your family situation and your health.

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The Finnish Immigration Service grants reintegration assistance either in cash or in the form of in-kind support. The in-kind support can consist of, for example, assistance in finding a job or a place to live, in beginning to study or starting your own business.

The Finnish Immigration Service checks with the police that assisted voluntary return is possible in your case. Before a decision on assistance is issued, you must cancel any pending residence permit applications and appeals.

After making the decision, the Finnish Immigration Service sends the decision to IOM, which will start arranging your return.

STEP 3: Returning home

IOM gives you advice in many languages on returning and will book you travel tickets to your home country. If you do not have a passport, you will get help with getting a travel document from the embassy of your home country. If you have health issues, they will be taken into account in the return arrangements.

Kuvake: dokumentit-prosessi
In Finland you will get:

  • travel documents and travel tickets
  • documents that have been in the possession of Finnish authorities
  • EUR 200 in cash if you are an adult, or EUR 100 in cash if you are a child, if you have been granted cash or in-kind assistance
  • contact details for receiving return assistance in your home country.

Kuvake - setelit
If you have chosen cash assistance, contact IOM’s office after returning to your home country. You will get the remaining part of the return assistance from IOM.

Kuvake - työkalut
If you have chosen in-kind assistance, contact the local partner. After returning home, you will make a plan on how to use the assistance and get assistance in the form of goods or services.

IOM will help you at the airports and arrange transportation for you to your home municipality.