Continue your life.

When you have received a negative decision on your asylum application, it is time to consider voluntary return. In addition to travel tickets, you can get support to start your studies or your employment in your home country.

Waiting will not take your life forward.


You cannot study


You cannot have your family with you


You cannot work legally


You cannot have a permanent home

Without a residence permit in Finland

You cannot study
You cannot have your family with you
You cannot work legally
You cannot have a permanent home

You can apply for voluntary return and reintegration and receieve

Cash support


In-kind support, such as support with schooling, employment and housing.

Voluntary return assistance will help you continue your life at home. According to your needs and wishes, you can choose cash support or in-kind support, which can help you start your own business or get a place to live.

How to proceed

Contact your reception centre
or your return counsellor
Fill out the application
with the employee
You will be assisted
with the travel arrangements
You will return to your home country
on the agreed date

Take part in the discussion

Ask us about voluntary return
and discuss with other returnees.

Voluntary Return

Stories of return