Help and assistance for voluntary return

Voluntary return to you home country

If you cannot stay in Finland, we can help you return to your home country The voluntary return scheme is available for asylum seekers and undocumented migrants. You can only return to the country where you have a residence permit.

Was your residence permit application rejected?
Have you thought about returning to your home country?

To live in Finland, you need a residence permit. If you do not have a residence permit, the Finnish Immigration Service and IOM can help you return home.

Asylum decisions are based on the law and are made on a case-by-case basis. You can appeal a negative decision, but if your appeal is rejected, you can choose voluntary return.

More information about asylum decisions and the grounds for asylum can be found on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service »

Why choose voluntary return?

Voluntary return takes place on your terms, and you can get financial assistance and other support fo to be able to return to your home country.

If you return home voluntarily, you will have time to prepare for your return, and you can travel as a normal passenger on a regular flight. You can plan your return and life after your return, and be in touch with your family and friends at home. You can also get voluntary return assistance for reintegration. You can cancel your decision to return at any time before you return to your home country.

Undocumented migrants can get help

If you are an undocumented migrant, you can also get support for voluntary return. We will process your case individually. Do not be afraid to be in touch – we are happy to give you advice. Contacting us does not oblige you to do anything.

If you cannot get assisted in voluntary return

Even if you think that you do not meet the criteria for assisted voluntary return, you can still ask us about it. We can go through your situation and the criteria together, and find out if you can get assistance for voluntary return. In some cases, the social services in your home municipality may be able to help you to return to your home country.

Financial assistance for return

Kuvake - käsi ja euron symboli

To receive financial assistance, you have to meet certain criteria. You must return home permanently, and you must have a genuine need of assistance. You can get assistance for voluntary return only once.

Permanent return means that you must return to a country where you can legally reside after your return. In practice, this means being able to work in your country of return, obtain accommodation and have recourse to public services.

You must also cancel any residence permit applications and related appeals that you have pending. If you have previously received assistance for voluntary return in another European country, you cannot get it again.

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