Published 27.02.2019

Feelings after return

How does returning home feel? Our returnees Abu Sabaa, Suhaib, Mustafa, Ahmad, and Shadha share their feelings and concerns after return. Abu Mhammad and Um Mhammad, as well as their children tell us whether they would leave Iraq if they could go back in time. Lobna from IOM Iraq, one of the Finnish Immigration Service's service providers, shares how returnees usually deal with return.


Published 01.02.2019

Fadumo and Farah

Fadumo and Farah returned after many years in Europe and they both started businesses afterwards. How did returning home to Somaliland feel for them? How did their families feel about their return? Watch this video to know part of their story.


Published 29.01.2019

Voluntary return to Argentina


Published 26.01.2019

Voluntary return to Brazil


Published 31.12.2014

Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration from Finland | 2014